Sikkim University Programs

Updated on: May 7, 2013

The courses offered in Sikkim University are of three types : Conventional Programs, Non-traditional programs and Studies on Policy Research.

Conventional Programs

These are mainstream course with strong emphasis on fundamental and applied research.Under these programmes following Schools are being set up.

   1. School of Social Sciences
   2. School of Global Studies
   3. School of Law and Governance
   4. School of Linguistics and Languages
   5. School of Management
   6. School of Media, Communication and Information Sciences
   7. School of Computer Sciences
   8. School of Environmental Studies
   9. School of Biotechnology
  10. School of Life Sciences
  11. School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
  12. School of Planning, Architecture and Engineering
  13. School of Medicine

Non-Traditional Courses

These programmes are non-traditional in nature and are not generally taught as full-fledged discipline in other Universities both within and outside India. These inter-disciplinary programs will mostly involve skill oriented disciplines, professional pursuits and specialised courses which have a global perspective with regional and local contexts.

   1. School of Indigenous and Folk Studies
   2. School of Sustainable Development and Livelihood Management
   3. School of Peace, Conflict and Human Security Studies

Policy Planning and Studies

The School of Policy Planning and Studies (SPAS), established in 2009 is a premier  centre of applied research in public policy studies and planning within Sikkim University. It is set apart by its multi-disciplinary approach and unique blend of scholarship and practical expertise.
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